The New Kid


I ran my hair through my bronze curly hair, the locks falling across my pale face, just down my forehead. I blinked the gold from my eyes, allowing them to turn an icy blue. "Class, I'd like to introduce a new student, Castiel," the teacher said. I smiled, and I realized that all the girls were beaming at me and sighing in relief. I looked over them until I spotted Riranna. She looked angry, and I pushed my consciousness out towards hers cramming my mind into her head.

I flared something in the back of her mind, but it wasn't enough to make her completely forget me. I conjured haze into her mind so that when she remembered the first time I'd seen her, she wouldn't see my wings or hear what I'd said to her. Her angry expression changed into a gentler one, and she was soon staring at me as well. But it was for a completely different reason than anyone else:  she was confused.

She had that feeling that she knew me, but she couldn't seem to remember all the facts, like when you know a word and it's on the tip of your tongue and you can't seem to recall it. I looked around the class. "Please, call me Cas," I said, my voice smooth like velvet. The girls sighed again, and I went and sat behind Riranna. She was quite beautiful, even for angel standards.

Her honey brown hair fell to her back, and her tawny coloured eyes were flecked with spots of gold. Like me, her skin was pale and perfect, with no cuts or marks on it. It was unblemished: a pretty face on a pretty frame. When she turned and looked at me, I simply smiled. She smiled back, but the smile was unsure.

I reached out my hand for her to shake it. "Hi, I'm Cas," I said, my attempts at stopping my voice from sounding melodious failing. She jumped at the chiming sound, and she gripped my hand and shook it.

"I'm... Riranna," she said, baffled my my voice. I nodded, and neither of us made a move to let go of the other's hands. Though it was possible for me to see her memories as well through this contact, I did not. I just enjoyed the contact, and waited. Suddenly, I realized what I was doing and smiled as I let go. She returned it again, and she turned away. I was only to watch, not to fall in love with her.

Or have her fall in love with me...

I ignored the boring lesson. I already knew every school lesson ever taught due to my ever-so-helpful angelic omniscience. She seemed bored as well, and it was obvious that she already knew all of this, too. She turned again, and for some unidentifyable reason, my heart pace picked up. "Bored?" I asked, accidentally using my mysterious, velvet voice.

"Um... yes..." she replied, her voice not unlike mine. "I... I know this stuff already..."

"So do I," I answered.

"So... um, where are you from?" Riranna asked hesitantly. I chuckled, and somehow I managed to make it sound like I was singing. She looked startled, but she made no attempt to turn. She was intrigued by me as I was by her.

"Maine," I said. "New England."

"I was born there, you know."

"Oh really?" I asked, knowing that that was where she'd fallen.

"Yes," she said, shocked by the similarity. "That's cool..."

"Very much so," I answered with a smile. She smiled again. I loved that smile. It was so pure. She turned away, and I could sense that she was still confused. About a lot of things about me, and herself.

So was I, to be honest.

The End

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