I look up from my comfortable seat in my cot. My little eyes feel heavy and tired. I giggle and it comes out in gurgles. One of the women who had come up to look at me smiles then looks at my parents. "She is beautiful, my lord. She will make a fine princess"


My eyes slowly open filled with blur. Then my eyes focus on my bedside table. I scream, "I'm Late!!" I jump to my feet, yank back the covers and get to my feet rushing over to the wardrobe to be able to yank on my uniform. It consists of a short, black skirt with some white tights, then a button-up, white shirt with a black tie over that is a suit style, black jacket.

I pull all this on then my black and white sneakers tieing the laces in a double knot. I turn to my desk where my satchel sits and stuff in todays books, my pencil case, keys, ipod and mobile. I don't wait and rush down the stairs to stop Elliot from leaving. No way am I catching the bus.

"WAIT!" I yell as I walk into the kitchen just as Elliot is rising to leave. "Give me two minutes" I'm right thats all I need to grab my lunch money, fill a flask with tea and grab a piece of fruit which turns out to be an apple. "I'm ready"

Elliot chuckles shaking his head and grabs his keys. He throws them up in the air and catching them on the way to the door. "You really hate the bus don't you" He chuckles as we leave.

I remain silent most of the trip and Elliot plays something by the beetles. I rush into class knowing that I have a few more minutes but don't want to risk it none the less. I pull out my ipod and put on 'Maybe' by Emma Bunton. I listen to various pieces of before my form tutor walks in along with Delia behind him. Late as always but she comes up to the back taking her seat next to me with a wink. "Class I'd like to introduce a new student, Castiel"

The End

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