What I am...

RIRANNA                       London, 2012

I chuckled as I ran William chasing after me through the darkness of the forest. Then he caught me pressing me up to a tree before beginning to kiss me passionately. I tilt my head up and to the side allowing the kiss to seem almost natural on my lips. William's hands are pressed into my back just below the skin between my shoulder blades. The space just below my jagged scar that rips from the end of my neck, down between my shoulder blades to just below them.

I had the scar since... as far back as I can remember. Its the reason my father adopted me. He wanted to research the strange feel of it. How when you look at it, it almost seems not right and scary. How at night when you can hardly see anything you can look at my scar and clearly see the outline. 

Suddenly, I feel Williams hands begin to travel beneath the waistband of my trousers. "William.." I mumble pushing at his shoulders "....stop" He doesn't he continues to push against me trying to kiss me again. "I said STOP!" I shout pushing William with all my strength. Something must of changed within me because a soft of soft light burst from the palms of my hands. It sent William flying off me into another tree.

He hit his head back against it and slumped to the floor unconcious. I stared at him in shock then looked at my hands where slowly the soft light was fading. I feel a sharp pain from my scar and its a familiar pain. Its sort of like..... a growing pain. "What the hell is wrong with me?" I whisper.

"Nothings wrong with you" a voice says from behind me. I spin round to see a young man yet theres something strange about him. He has this sort of unnatural beauty. Then on his back...

"What the hell are they?" I whisper pointing at the wings coming from his back.

"My wings.... whats the matter, sister? You seem a bit strange seeing as your a fellow angel" He says. Then I realise what's going on. All this is a trick.... I'm seeing things. I do the only thing I can think of doing... I scream.

The End

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