Far From Grace

Riranna is just a normal teenage girl who attends a normal high school who has normal friends. When Cas arrives at the school, she immediately knows that he's... different.
And she realizes that she isn't so normal...


                                      Maine, 1995

I heard it before I saw it.

The sound was strange, and frightening as well. I flexed my feathery white wings in the cloudy sky as I scanned the blue around me, searching for any sign of what the sound might be indicating. It was like crying, only it must have been a small child or a baby crying. The sound was distant, but it came nearer and nearer. It was coming from above me.

I looked up just in time to see a blur of darkness, and suddenly, a shape was plummetting towards the ground, hurtling downward like the Fallen as they fell from Heaven. The baby raced downwards, and I flexed my wings as I prepared to dive for the child. Out of nowhere, the same blur raced past me, only the force of it knocked me backwards.

The angel stopped just feet above and in front of me, and I rose to its altitude. The man had curly dark brown hair, and his eyes were as black as a starless night. His wings looked tainted, their abony feathers falling out and sticking out oddly like tufts of messiness. They were missing most of their feathers, but they still looked like the glorious wings he once had. It was one of the Fallen.

He had knocked a mere child angel from the sky! I looked down, but before I could dive for her, he knocked me back again. I looked up at his dark face, and he only smiled evilly. I stared at his eyes. They were once a bright gold, like my own, until he had sinned. That was when he was cast from Heaven. This was Derias. I remembered him.

He grabbed me, and held me in place. I fought at him, and I summoned angel fire into my palms. The flickering golden flames flashed brighter as I spun them out toward him. He flinched away, but I was too late. The baby was nowhere in sight.

The End

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