Ashton: Who's EDHDNA?

"Who's Edna?" Ema asked.

Everyone in the Hideout stopped talking and we all looked at her.

"EDHDNA is a government organization. Experimental Design on Human DNA. They capture people like us, and do tests on them. Usually with the intent to create a weapon, otherwise to harness the ability in some form or another." Ilana answered.

"EDHDNA has succeded as far as that respect... Sarah." I whisper.

"Who's Sarah?" Ilana asks, genuinely concerned.

"We were best friends, because we both were different. We were almost polar opposites of eachother. She had the power to inflict pain, create wounds, and other powers meant to be offensive. Heh, without her I probably would've gotten caught long ago, before I knew them.

"Well, one day we were walking along the highway, when EDHDNA operatives came in a white van. She told me to run as she fought them off. She promised we'd meet at the next town. That next town happened to be this one, and I've been waiting here for about 2 years.

"I have no doubt EDHDNA captured her, my worst fear is that one day if I'm on a mission, I'll have to fight her. Because, I could never bring myself to do that."

Then Ilana put her hand on my shoulder and began slightly rubbing my shoulder in an attempt to soothe my hurt emotions.

"It'll be OK Ashton."

Then I stood up and without talking went down into my room/the healing room. Then I layed down on my bed and began thinking, and remembering her; remembering Sarah.

The End

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