Ashton: She's awake!

"You're at the Hideout. A place for people like us who are all trying to avoide being abducted by the EDHDNA." I replied.

She looked around my room in awe.

"I guess it's time for you two to meet all the other guys, come up."

I let them follow me out of my room and up the stairs to the main floor, then we go to the living room. Ilana spoke first.

"Oh, wow it's huge!"

I laughed, "Yeah, well we do next to everything in here. Play games, spar, and brief eachother on the missions to be undertaken."

"You mean, you've fought against EDHDNA?" Ema asked.

"Yes, but not often. Usually only for rescue missions where we can't guarantee if the target will be healthy on sight."

"Well, can't you just send someone to teleport the dying to you?" Ema asked.

"We've tried that, it seems that teleportation speeds up the power of the wounds, and we can't take that risk." Ilana and Ema nod in unison. "Anyways, meet the guys, and the girls."

Kain comes up and introduces himself to them. Kain has the power knock you out with a thought and the power to turn blood into any liquid.

Then Yang introduces himself. Yang has the power to take energy from someone and (if he has enough energy) to utterly destroy everything in a 10 kilometer radius.

Then the rest of the Hideout comes and introduces themselves, and they explain all their powers. It seems like these two new people will be well received.

The End

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