Ema: Others?

Silently, I followed the boy; who was holding the girl who'd been shot. They had powers, and I was not going to lose my chance to meet others like me. They couldn't see me, as I was invisible. I still wasn't sure about them.


 My powers had been a surprise, but not really a shock. I was little when I discovered them. My mom was a writer and my dad an actor, both telling me stories full of fantasy. I just thought everything they told me was true, and figured my powers normal. That is, until I went to school. Being home-schooled until the age of ten, I never had anyone to compare with. My first day of public school showed me how different I really was.

No one else teleported to class, causing their teacher to almost have a heart attack and call his doctor to see if hallucinating was a side effect of his medication. I never complained about the temperature like other kids, and people just looked at me funny when I read the Ancient Mayan hieroglyphs in history.

It scared me, so I just left.


I watched the boy heal the girl; and after walking around the building a few times, listening to some of the others here, I decided to see who these people where. The boy looked up in surprise when I suddenly appeared.

"Uh, Hi. I'm Ema."

The End

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