Ashton: Healer's touch.

I was walking around town one fine beautiful day. There were clouds in the nice bright blue sky, and the sun was overhead. The songs of larks and robins could be heard around the city.

I had ran away from my parent's a long time ago. I am sixteen right now, but I ran away two years ago. It was tough, coming to terms with my ability. I have the ability to heal, I found out when our cat got sick, and I started petting it and the sickness just stopped. Then my parents found out for good when I brought my cat back from the dead, accidentally of course.

But in this town I found a group, a group of other people with powers. I found them one day while rummaging through a garbage can. Kain, needs blood to fuel his power, and so he needed some of mine. He knocked me out and had to drain my blood, then he saw my super fast healing. He was shocked, but he brought me the Hideout.

They had been helping me these past couple of years by teaching me about healing, and the art of it. Now, I can see auras, know exactly what's wrong with you, and can transfer energy from things. They all help me in my healing practice, currently I work at the Hideout as the medic.

The Hideout is interesting in that it fights against a government agency called EDHDNA, and they need me to heal them if they get injured. Then, there are the rare examples of people with powers going rogue, they want to tell the whole world about their powers.

I am quickly brought back into the present when I hear a gunshot. Shocked, I see a woman fall to the ground, and there is an EDHDNA operative holding a gun.

"Back off!"

"Do not get involved, civilan."

I stoop next to the woman on the ground and I can see the blackness in her aura around her leg, but I can also see the strength of her aura, she has a power.

"You shot her."

"Step away from the woman."

"You shot her!"

Then, to my good luck, Yang comes to my rescue. He is another of the people at the Hideout, his power is to absorb your energy to make you weak, then if he has enough energy, he can utterly destroy things. Usually, I just transfer the energy he gains to people who need healing.

"Is there something going on here?"

"They shot her!"

"Ok, Ashton, take her, I'll stay here."

One of the operatives yell, "no, do not move her!"

"It's going to be OK."

Then, Yang flicks his hand, and the operative that spoke falls to the ground in sheer exhaustion. Knowing this is my chance, I pick the girl up, supporting her upper back and neck, and her legs. Then I run with her towards the Hideout.

Within 20 min I manage to make it to the Hideout, I walk through the doors with her in my arms. Everyone else in the Hideout stands up, surprised at this. I bring her with me to the basement, and then the room that is mine. I place her atop the healing bed (not mine). I go to her legs and place my hands upon them, I force the bullet out of her leg using some form of healing telekenesis. And then I heal the wound.

The whole operation takes 20 min at most. I look at her aura and notice that she'll wake up in about 2 hours. So, I lie down on my bed and begin to read, waiting for her to wake up.

The End

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