Fantasy Brought to Life

This is a roleplay that you are yourself you don't have to use your real name if you don't want to but you are you.
You find out that you have a super powers and are being chased by a strange company called the Experiental Design on Human DNA aka the EDHDNA (I know cheesy name) While on this crazy adventure you might meet friends or you might just run into some new enemies Who knows?
This is just a story I thought of while sitting in my room listening to music.


Panting, I stopped to catch my breath looking behind me to see if I had lost the EDHDNA people. I didn't see them behind me at all so I decided to find out where I was.

I was right next to a park. Looking around again to make sure I didn't see the white van I quickly ran into the park and sat myself behind the bathrooms so that  I wasn't able to be seen from the road.

My name is Ilana and I am fourteen years old. I have really short brown hair and dark brown eyes. I wear blue glasses and am always seen in a short sleaved shirt no matter what the weather is like. I look just like any other normal teenage except for the fact that I'm not into fashion so I wear a normal clothing.

Well at least I used to be a normal teenager. Until I found out about.... my powers.

You see unlike normal people I can speak to animals and control the plant life. I'm going to have to say it's rather unerving when your cat suddenly begins to complaing about the loud Taylor Swift music playing in your room while he's sleeping on your bed.

That's how I found out I could speak to them. And how I found out that I could control plant life was on a completly different day.

We were weeding in our garden on a major hot day. All I wanted to do was be done and go back inside. My siblings were on the other side of the garden weeding so they didn't see what happened next.

I was getting so sick of the weeds that I just wished that the weeds would just die! That's when I looked at the weeds around me and saw that they were no longer green but brown!

Later on I did a bunch of experiements and found out that I could do anything I wanted to with plants. I made sure my family didn't see me doing this 'cause I don't know what would've happened if I told them I suddenly could do things I only imagined about.

Back to the Present...

I suddenly heard a car drive into the park. My adrenaline rush began again. I could tell without looking at it that they had found me. I stood up quickly and began to run to the other exit on the other side of the park. I heard the doors open and men yelling after me.

As I got closer to the exit another van pulled up and more men got out of it. It wasn't long before I found myself surrounded by them. Breathing rapidly I did the first thing that came to my mind.

I imagined giant vines coming out of the ground. I lifted my hands up and just like I had hoped, giant vines came out of the ground and wrapped around the men and I started to run out of the park.

Just before I got onto the sidewalk another man stepped out of the van that was parked next to it. I heard a gunshot and pain shot through my left leg. Collapsing I felt tears forming in my eyes. I had never been shot in my life and I had never expected to be.

Smiling the man walked over to me, the gun still in his hand.

"Don't worry I'm not going to kill y-"  Before he could finish something happened. I didn't see what for my vision had gone fuzzy. I watched the man fall as I began to feel dizzy. The last thing I saw was the figure of someone else kneeling next to me. But I knew I had been rescued.

The End

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