Fesr: A Twisted Path

Fesr peers into a dark corridor. She begins to jog down the path, her boots thumping on the ground. The tunnel twist to the right, then the left, then the right again. It takes a great many more twists and turns. Fesr begins to wonder whether it would ever end. She hears something crunch beneath her feet so  she stops and looks down. Bones. She begins to run. Finally she comes to a dead end. She tries to shove it aside but she realized that there is a spell on it. She looks around and notices some markings on the wall.

"Mrin's Sorrow." She read. She frowned. Mrin's Sorrow was the name of a sword that her ancestor, the ancestor of all earth sprites used. Legend had it that before he died he stabbed it into the ground and it sank below, never to be seen again. She didn't believe this, and neither did anyone else, but it was a good story. She examined the door more closely and noticed a slit in the door. She looked at the sword in her hand. Mrin's Sorrow. She thrust the sword into the slot and pulled it out. It shuddered and moved aside. She walked into large cavern. "Oh hello Fesr." She heard a voice say, "We've been waiting for you and Barakas." She turned and noticed Dranei and Balasar standing there. "I'm back where I started?" She said in surprise. Dranei nodded. "Cool sword by the way."

The End

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