Draniei Malachite: Inner Cave. What is this?

I start walking around, searching the walls for any holes or any signs that there is a secret passageway, then I find one. It is a small hole about a centimeter in diameter. I control the wind to go inside of this hole, and then I make it all rush against the wall. I stand back as the wall is obliterated and falls to the ground as rubble.

"That was easy."

I walk into the passageway and begin walking down it's dark halls. Then, suddenly I notice something about my breathing.

"Stale air."

It's not fresh, I can't cast. But I continue walking in, then I see a tome, a book bound with a chain lock. I grab the tome and brush off the dust on the cover, then my eyes widen in wonder and excitement.


I grab it tightly and I run to the main hall with the fresh air. And I try to use the wind to unlock it, but the wind won't go in. I try harder and harder, but it won't work. Then Balasar walks over.

"What's that?"

"What I'm down here searching for, but it's locked and I need the key."

"Do you know where the key is?"

"Yes. It's in a temple some 5000 miles away from here." I sigh, "I'll just go get it when I have time. Till then, I'll keep this tome with me at all times."


The End

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