Fesr: Exploration

Fesr walked down the hallway to the far right. As she walked, she thought about her predicament. That demon was walking around with that map, a map that rightfully belonged to the earth sprites. There were many legends about it, but she and her people knew that it belonged to them. And that boy, the wizard, see to have great potential. He could be a problem later. She did not think highly of Balasar, or anyone without magical power, although the way he took down the wyvern was impressive.She might be able to use themto get what she wanted. She came to a dead end. Strangely enough, she was certain she could sense a path behind it. She use her powers to move the earth aside. Just as she had thought, it lead into a long passage way. A place that can only be revealed by earth sprites? She thought. How strange. 

She noticed a sword lying on the ground picked it up. It was obviously sprite made, crafted by earth sprite metallurgist using methods century old. Fesr dropped her first sword and picked up the one lying on the ground. It was far superior to her old sword.  Placing it in her scabbard, he looked around. The walls of the room were roughly hewn from the rock and covered with green phosphorescence.  It was almost as bright as sunlight. As she looked at the walls in amazement, she noticed some inscriptions written on the wall in Crehs, the sprite tongue and in the earth sprite dialect. "Great power lies where the mighty can wake it." She read. What could it mean?

Fesr heard a noise behind her. She whipped around and got a blow to the stomach. She stumbled and noticed it was an orc that had taken this opportunity to take her by surprise. It slashed at her with a crude sword. Irritated, she placed her hand on the ground and the orc began to sink. It struggled feebly but it only sank deeper. It looked to her for sympathy but her years at the academy taught her to ignore things like that. Being soft hearted meant being weak and it could get you killed. The orc's head disappeared below the ground.

She walked down the passageway without looking back. She looked down and noticed that the foolish creature had managed to injure her arm. She put a hand over it and healed it, but it left a scar. Sprites weren't very good healers and could only heal minor things and even then they didn't do it very well. She walked up to a rotting wooden door that obviously hadn't been used in years. It had a rusty lock, but a flick of her hand caused it to disintegrate into red dust. She pushed open the door and walked through the doorway.


The End

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