Barakas: Splitting Up

We continued forward, ignoring the left and right doors, and went straight through the middle door. It firstly came to a dining room, the orcs were eating, but it didn't look very edible. Ignoring the food we carried on through the dining room and came to a 4-way split corridor.

"How come I expected this?" I asked the others rhetorically. "I'll go along the far left, you guys go whichever way you want, I'm pretty sure the orcs numbers have died down so there wont be much trouble"

As i went to the left, and the others went to their separate ways, I took a look at the map again. I seemed to be going towards the library. Oh joy, things to burn.

When I got in however, i noticed that... it would take a while to burn all the books within the huge room full of shelves.

Most of the books were historical, some ancient tomes from 'so long ago' but one took my interest. A weird scroll of some sort, it glowed a slightly red light, then it switched to blue, then green. I didn't know what it was, but it sure looked valuable.

I put the scroll in my bag, as i could examine it later, the language was certainly demonic. They must have stolen this from us. I didn't know whether it was instructions on how to go somewhere, or ingredients for a weapon or potion, or whether it was just a scroll of importance. I will find out soon enough.

I went down corridor after corridor looking around to see if there were any books that may of taken my interest. But they were just Dragonborn history, and it failed to interest me. B

Then i got an idea, maybe by reading the books i could find a weakness. Should the Dragonborn betray me, ill know where to hit for maximum effect. I needed time to look for this book, as I'm sure they would have some book summarizing themselves as a race.

In the distance, I saw a figure. It was too tall to be an orc, and not bulky enough to be an ogre. I walked up to this figure only to find a human.

"Human!" I snort "Explain your reason to be here!"

"Same reason you are... demon" He scowled "For the treasure"

"Well then, we both know who is going to have to go"

"Yes... you!"

He hurled a fireball at me, my body absorbed the fire, and making me feel quite a bit better.

"And that was for?" I laughed

"Dam you fire resistant demons!" I shouted

I grabbed him by the neck, my large hands went all around his head. "Give me all the items of value you may of found here, and get gone"

"Why don't you just kill me and take them?" He asked curious

"Would you rather i did?"

He looked deep in thought for a second, then i let him go and he scuttled off into the darkness leaving his bags and all the books he was studying.

I searched his bags, nothing of interest, and the books he was studying were just things related to the history of the Dragonborn, nothing of interest either.

Looking at the map, i saw that the corridor next to the one i walked down, went through a room, then into another, and the library also connected to that room. It was some sort of mages chambers, or atleast it looked like one. Maybe i could increase my magic efficiency by going there.

Looking at the map, i found the corridor to walk down and made my way to the next room.

The End

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