Draniei Malachite: Wow... that was amazing.

I stare in shock and slight fear and amazement at Balasar who had just slain the really big wyvern.

"Wow," I paused, "that was amazing."

He stretches and cracks his back, "Oh, it was nothing."

I cautiously walk over to the now dead wyvern, and I crouch down to a part of it's body. I run my hand along it's scaly hide, feeling the life of this once great beast. Then, realizing the great power within this creature, I smiled then the smile faded as I lamented the loss of this great beast. Rather quickly Barakas and Fesr had walked down to me, and Fesr had tapped me on the shoulder.

"We've got to go, we have more ground to cover."

I nod in understanding, and I stand up. In this melancholy there is only continuation. What was once fear for a beast was now reverence for a dying race. Why I feel this at all is unknown to me.

"Yeah, OK, let's go."

Then we continue on walking into the heart of the great dungeon. Where the sacred spell Omega was said to be held.

"If only I could get it, if only it was mine, I could heal every disease, every ailment, every effect. I could live forever, immortality would be in my grasp. Then, I could get infintitely more stronger and powerful. Until I could heal the whole planet, to help rid this scourge of sentient life. But, one step at a time Draniei, one step at a time." I thought silently.

"Hey are you comming?" Barakas yelled.

"Oh, yeah, sorry, I'm comming." I said, running to the group.

The End

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