Balasar; I'll do better this time

I ran down the hallway towards the mages.  Seeing the wyvern, I could tell that they would have significant trouble killing it.  It was a full grown bull wyvern.  The area we were in stunk of rotting flesh from half consumed kills.  That likely meant that the wyvern's belly was just as bad.

The wyvern's hide would be too thick for most weapons to penetrate.  The only ways to kill it would be from the inside, or to bring down the ceiling on top of it.  Opting for the first one, I brought forth the power of dragons, and hurled a ball of flame at its mouth.  Wyverns may be strong, but they are not smart.  It turned towards the ball of fire and roared.

The flames flew down its throat and into its stomach.  The fumes of the orcs it was digesting ignited, and the wyvern exploded.  Few have ever seen a bull wyvern and lived to tell about it, not only because of their strength, but because they are rare.  Its sting will make an excellent trophy.

The End

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