Draniei Malachite: I don't like wyverns

"Shoot." Fesr spoke as she drew her sword.

"Umm... wind, attack!"

I control the wind to strike at the wyvern that was slowly comming towards the demon. Unfortunately, I felt a magical barrier deflect the wind.

"Uhh... sorry, I can't help with this one."

"Why not?!" Fesr screams

"Well, it has a barrier, and I have no weapon."

"What kind of barrier?"

"One that can deflect the wind, which is a natural substance, so it doesn't fall under magic." I think over my last statement, "I don't think that swords will work."


"Well, swords are natural, if my wind won't penetrate it, your sword won't."

Then the demon screams "Quit arguing and help me!"

"Right, sorry!" I scream, the I use my expert control of the wind to bring the demon to me. After a moment, he stands next to me, dazed.

"Thank you," he said in a angry tone.

"Oh, you're quite welcome."

The End

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