Fesr Hgalg: Fighting

Fesr had ignored the young wizard's greeting. She had no time for pleasantries. She had to get that map from the demon. But when she and the wizard heard roars coming from the direction that the demon had traveled they rushed to help. She selected a few throwing knives from her belt  and threw them at several orcs, hitting them at the same time. She jerked her hand and they flew back. Then she picked up a large rock and threw it at one of the monsters. It collapsed on the ground. "Demon," she heard the wizard shout, "I have come to help you." She rolled her eyes and slashed at an orc that had been trying to sneak up on her. Then an unearthly sound rose up in the cavern. "Drat," the boy said fearfully, "What was that?" She whirled around and out from the shadows came an enormous monster. Its hideous body was covered in scales. It sniffed the air and looked at them. "Shoot." Fesr said, drawing her sword.

The End

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