Draniei Malachite: Monsters.

I was looking around the walls, seeing if there were any traps when I heard a roar comming from deeper into the cavern. I ran down to see the demon being attacked by a horde of monsters and orcs.

"Well, this could of went a little easier..." I heard him whisper.

I ran down and began to think about what I could do to help.

"Wind, attack."

With the wind at my command, I used it to strike directly at one of the monsters. The air penetrated it's thick hide and ran amock within it's large body. Within a few moments, the creature dropped, dead.

I smiled with joy at this recent accomplishment, then I set my sights on another monster, and I destroyed it with the wind.

"Demon! I have come to help you!"

The demon shrugged as it continued to strike at the monsters with a spear of some sort. Then, a large shriek like that of a dragon sounded through the cavern.

"Drat, what was that?" I asked, fearfully.

The End

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