Balasar; The Sword of Io

I walked past the piles of coins.  They could wait.  This was by far the largest treasury I have seen in a Dragonborn citadel.  That most likely meant that it was also one of the most important treasuries in the old empire.  There were likely many artifacts in this room.

I began searching the room.  It could take a very long time to explore the entire area.  In the middle of the room several steps led up to another set of doors.  This set did not require the blood ritual as the entrance had; no one but a Dragonborn could even be in this room.

The interior was lit dimly by magical flames.  I spoke some Draconic, and the lights grew brighter.  In the middle of the room, several sets of armor and racks of weapons formed a circle.  The armor directly across from me appeared to be that of a high ranking official.  My breastplate had been penetrated by the wyvern's stinger, and I needed a replacement.

The armor had engraved dragons decorating it.  The hand guards looked like dragons' heads.  The armor had been created with a Dragonborn's body in mind, and fit me well.  The shield could be attached directly to the arm of the armor, and while it was large and strong, it was extremely light.

Having replaced my damaged armor, I turned to the weapons.  Among the various swords, axes, and spears, I spotted a very distinctive blade.  Taking the weapon from the rack, I examined it intently.  Could this possibly be the legendary Sword of Io?  Io was the creator of  both dragons and Dragonborn.  He had been slain thousands of years ago by a great fiend.  The power of Io was said to have been endowed into the blade of the Dragonborn who had killed the fiend.  After that hero had died in battle, the sword had been lost.

Outside, I heard yells from the mages.  Sheathing the sword, I grabbed a spear from a weapon rack.  It was tipped with a dragon's fang.  I hurried out of the room, shutting the doors.

Exiting the treasure room, I noticed that Barakas was missing.  Fiends are always so sure of their power, and he must have wandered off.  It looks like I will be saving him again today.

The End

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