Barakas: Treasure

Hmm, I cant go in then can I? Well that doesn't matter anyway, its all draconian stuff which is of no value to me.

"Get whatever you can Dragonborn, this dungeon isn't even half done yet." I said "According to this map... There is some stairs behind... this rock here!"

I moved the rock out of the way, as i seemed to be the strongest out of the three of us whilst the Dragonborn went looting. I spawned a fireball in my hand and rolled it down the stairs to see how long they were, and they weren't very long.

"You guys wait here, I'm going to see whats down there" I said to the others.

I began to walk down the stairs, an image of the map in my mind to know what was at the bottom of these stairs. There was 3 doors, one leading to another treasury and another leading to the armory. The middle one went straight to a courtyard type place. I was thinking seeing only the Dragonborn can go into the previous treasury it will be the same in these two. So I set my eyes onto the middle door.

There was a faint blue light shining up the corridor, it made all three doors just visible. The middle door, and on the left side there was another, and directly opposite from that was the other one. I walked ahead slowly, and had the feeling i was being watched. All sides of the corridor were completely clean of anything... alive. I couldn't see anything that i would class as a threat.

Then some sort of huge hulking creature dropped from the top and nearly damn crushed me. Its roars echoed through the entire dungeon, i wouldn't be surprised if the others heard that.

I summoned a double bladed spear, and prepared to defend myself.

It swung its arm at me, i flipped over it. It swung for me again within the same second and knocked me into a wall. I shook it off, and ran at the creature. It went to crush me with both of its arms, i dodged it and jumped on its arms and ran up and went to stab its face. I got it in the eye then it shook me off.

My spear was still in its eye and i was now unarmed on the floor.

I ran at it again, sliding in between its legs and jumped onto its back. It was shaking like crazy, but Ive had worse in my realm. I climbed up and got my spear back out of its eye. Then i stabbed it directly onto its head. The creature dropped to the ground, dead.

The center door started moving, it was being knocked in by something. It sounded like another one of those creatures, but there was more than one, and there wasn't just those creatures either. You could hear the orcs with their bloodthirsty screeches.

I heard movement from all sides, they were coming through the side doors as well.

The doors smashed open, and i was quickly surrounded.

"Well, this could of went a little easier..." I murmured

The End

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