Draniei Malachite: Dragonblood

After I had popped out of the cage an earth spirit came. I was still frightend by the demon, and dragonborn. But, they tried to calm me down.

"What is your name?" The demon asked.

"Draniei Malachite, I am the White Wizard of the Western Wind." I kneel, "I am indebt to you for freeing me, please don't kill me."

"Why would we kill you?" The dragonborn asked.

"Well, you're a dragonborn and he's a demon. That's why."

"Don't be afraid of us... what is it?" The dragonborn's attention is suddenly focused on the demon.

The demon had been looking at the walls thouroughly and he had opened a door. He attempted to walk through when a magical light appeared within the darkend halls, but he was thrown back by a magical force.

"Only those with the blood of a dragon may enter."

I look at the dragonborn, then back to the demon. Then I look at the earth spirit who had already introduced herself, but had been seemingly ignored.

"Hello, my name's Draniei." I go over to speak to her, while the dragonborn and the demon work things out.

The End

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