Balasar; The Treasury

Walking over to my sword, I bent down to pick it up.  I noticed some strange marks on the floor.  They appeared to be perfectly curving arcs.  I followed them to their source.

The arcs joined another set and ended at a wall.  There was draconic writing from the ceiling to the floor, and a small outcropping about four feet from the ground.  A quick glance at the writing quelled any doubts I had.  Drawing my dagger, I carefully cut open my right hand.  I let the blood drip onto the outcropping.  There was a very quiet click from behind the wall.

The outcropping moved outward about a foot, and then split in the middle to form a pair of door handles.  All of the magic casters stopped bickering and gathered near the door.  Grabbing the handles, I pulled the doors open to reveal a room filled with shadows.

Turning to the mages, I asked, "Some light please?"

One of them cast a spell, and the room was filled with dazzling light glinting off of various metallic items.  The enormous room was filled with the treasures of the great empire of Arkhoshia.  The gold, silver, and platinum coins were of little value compared to the weapons and armor created thousands of years before, at the height of our power.  And even the finely wrought armor paled in comparison to the knowledge written thousands of years before the elves walked the earth.  The fact that all of this treasure has stayed untouched for so long amazes me.

Barakas started to walk into the room, but a magical force knocked him back.

I told them,"Only one of dragon's blood may enter the treasury."

The End

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