Fesr Hgalg

        Fesr watched this exchange from the shadows. Are they threats, she wondered. They seem pretty powerful. She probably wouldn't be able to kill all of them. She drew her blade, but put it back after some thought. If they think that I'm a threat, she thought, they will kill me.  She stepped out cautiously. The demon looked at her in alarm and the Dragonborn pulled his sword from his sheath. "Who are you?" he snarled.

         "My name is Fesr Hgalg. I got trapped in here and with all those orcs around I couldn't escape." The demon noticed her pointed ears and green skin.

         "You're an elf?" he asked.

         "I'm a earth sprite, not of those high and mighty elves." she snapped. She did a yanking motion and the sword flew out of Balasar's hands and fell with a clatter on the floor.

        "I also studied metallurgy at the Magik Academy." Suddenly she turned to Barakas. "The map! You have it!" She held out her hand. "Hand it over. You are not worthy."



The End

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