So, push me out of the way why don't you, get stung by a wyvern why don't you.

This Dragonborns arrogance annoys me.

Well, I wont go nowhere with a dead Dragonborn, may as well save him.

I did various hand movement and some chanting in demontounge, then a red cross appeared, emitting a dark glow, that lit up the room. It dissipated and it took some of my blood and it went into him. Then i put my hand against his wound, he jumped slightly, and i had the poison in my hands. I put it in a vial, for further use if it is called for. 

"What sorcery did you do to me demon!" he snapped as he got up

"Sorcery? I just saved your life, dont be so ungrateful" I snapped back "I could of just let you die for all I care"

He remained in silence, getting the trust of this guy is proving harder than expected.

I saw a distant staircase, I began walking towards it, the Dragonborn not too far behind.

I sent out a small fire from my hand, and it went down the stairs. You could see that the stairs were going on for quite a while.

"You go first Dragonborn" I said

"No, you first, I'm not falling for this"

I let out a sigh, and began walking down the stairs. Eventually, i could see some light and a shadow every now and again. It was more orcs around a campfire, fighting each other.

I got my bow, and walked around them in the shadows. I began shooting my bow and one by one they dropped.

I came out from the shadows slowly, while they were still confused, and i killed them quietly. The last thing i need is a horde of orcs charging at us... again. Knowing our luck a wyvern will come... again. My powers of healing dont work that way, i have to give blood, I'd die out eventually.

I heard a cry for help, in a covered up cage. It sounded like an adult. You couldnt see the inside and it was locked tight. If we leave this person they might die or get eaten by orcs. So i decided to free this person.

I grabbed the lock and I eventually made it melt.

I opened the door... 

The End

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