Balasar; Hacking Apart Orcs

I pushed myself up from the floor and drew my sword.  I am going to kill that blasted tiefling for that.

He began shouting at me.  Behind me I could hear orcs running towards us.  I grabbed my shield off of my back.

Looking at the tiefling, I say, "Stay behind me if you want to survive."

I charged the orcs.  The closest one swung his axe at me, which I blocked with my shield.  An underhanded swing of my blade severed his arm at the shoulder and carried on through his head.  Spinning around, I cut the legs off of another one.

Turning to face a group running towards me, I let loose a blast of fiery death.  I roared like a dragon, the sound echoing through the halls of the ruins.  An arrow streaked past me, striking a charging orc in the chest.  I impaled his corpse on my sword.

It seemed that the orcs had been eliminated.  I heard the sound of another dragon roaring.  Looking up, I saw a wyvern diving from above.  Its target was the tiefling standing next to me.

I shoved him out of the way.  I could see the wyvern's stinger aimed directly at my chest.  I swung my sword a moment too late, severing the tail just behind the barb of the stinger.  I felt a horrible burning in my side.

The wyvern reared back in pain, and I took the opportunity to stab it in the heart.  It fell to the ground and began flailing as it died.  It kicked me into a wall thirty feet away.

The poison was starting to work, and it is very potent.  I could feel it flowing in my veins, and collapsed from its effects.

The End

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