Barakas: Haste

"Let us go then, Dragonborn?" I laughed, I saw his glare, I could tell that I infuriated him.

We set off down out the tavern and down the road, the Dragonborn kept his distance from me. I may need to gather his trust if we are to work together in retrieving these artifacts of his culture. But for now I couldn't really do anything.

It took us around 10-20 minutes to get there, which felt like much longer. I opened the door, which was already half opened from when I last came here.

As I opened the door, the dust from the ceiling leaked down onto my head. It was rather dark. I gathered up some moss from the rocks inside and lit them on fire with a flick of my fingers. Yep, this place is exactly how I left it. The odd dead orc here and there and a dark brown interior. The odd rubble pile and skeletons from the Dragonborn that used to reside here.

"The stench of orc ravages this place" I scowled "It knocks me sick"

I walked forward slowly, watching the floor. Idiot Dragonborn just pushes past me and activates a trip wire, a blade comes rushing down from the side, and i shove him out of the way.

"Stupid Dragonborn, nearly got yourself killed!" I shouted, my shouts echoed down the darkness.

This however was a bad thing, it attracted the orcs to our location, they began to emerge from the shadows attacking us quickly. I draw my bow and shoot at them.

They were beginning to already overwhelm us...

The End

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