Balasar; Taste my Blade

"Hey, Dragonborn, come over here...  I have a... Proposal that may interest you."

I rose from my table and walked towards him, drawing my sword.

"If that proposal includes your death, demon, then I will happily slay you where you sit.  And if not, then I will still kill you."

He replied, "No, I happen to have a map here.  It shows the ruins of an ancient city; a Dragonborn City.  I am sure there are many ancient relics still buried there."

"Is that so?  I doubt that it is.  More likely this is a trap set by your people.  You think I will tell other Dragonborn of this ruin and then you can kill them."

He pulled aside his cloak and took a cloth wrapped object from his side.  It had writing in Draconic on it, and looked like a piece of Dragonborn armor.  The style had not been produced for over a thousand years though.

He smiled and said, "I have already been there.  I didn't get very far in before I found this.  I was chased off by orcs who have inhabited the ruins.  One such as yourself might be able to fair better against them than I did.  So what do you think?"

After thinking about it for a minute, I replied, "I will go to this ruin myself."

As I reached for the map, it disappeared in a puff of smoke.  The confounded demons have that ability.  If I kill him, then I will never find the ruins.  And he knows that too.

The End

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