Barakas Hellraiser

Oh great, we have a Dragonborn in here. I am not here to look for trouble, that war was out of order in my opinion. The other Demons thought me a heretic and exiled me from the realm. I've been in this tavern for atleast six hours drinking away, it's like I'm immune to the alcohol in this stuff. It doesn't matter though, I should get out of here before a fight starts.

I get up from the wooden stool, creaking noises came when I got up. It attracted some attention, but they just looked away with a scared look on their face. As I got to the door, someone shouted.

"Hey! You disgusting fiend"

I sharply turned around and stared into the eyes of the drunken mob ready to beat me down. I had the advantage though, I wasn't drunk.

"You aren't welcome here!" said another drunk

They all looked pretty old, they were all over 40 atleast by the looks of them.

"Guards! We have a demon!" shouted a drunk who was behind me to a close-by patrol.

Before I knew it I was surrounded by armed civilians and the guards. I summoned my short sword through flames out of my hand. I had a plan, I made myself look like I knew I was going to lose, boosting their morale so they would all charge at me.

One of the guards ran at me, I reached out my arm and melted his armor. His agonizing screams made me feel so much better. The guard dropped to his knees and I finished him off by beheading him.

"I do not fear death, death would take me back to where I came from, thus allowing me to return" I said, I knew that wouldn't happen, being an exile they would just kill me when I got there. Dying in the underworld gets rid of a demons life forever.

Being the measly civilians they are they did not really want to attack me. They all had families they wanted to see, they didn't want to die.

"Do not waste your time on me, you have families to care for" I said sincerely "I mean no harm to anyone here, I was just leaving"

"We see your face again we will kill you demon!" shouted the leader of the drunken mob, as they pushed past me out of the tavern to go to their families. Seeing as this place was almost empty, I decided to sit back down, and I opened up a treasure map. This map said of a dungeon.

This dungeon was rumored to hold treasures. I knew the Dragonborn wouldn't trust me, but in this case I think he will want to. This dungeon holds many of the Dragonborn artifacts, and also treasure.

"Hey, Dragonborn, come over here... I have a... Proposal, that may interest you"

The End

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