Balasar Shamash

I have been traveling for many days.   After the Great Battle, the few remaining Dragonborn have gone their separate ways.  We had taken great losses during the Battle, but managed to drive back the demons of Bael Turath.  Our great empire of Arkhoshia has been all but consumed by the war.

And while we had fearlessly marched to our certain doom, the humans and elves had been completely unaware of our sacrifice.  The demons have been dealt with, but there are still other vile creatures left in this realm.  The Dragonborn cannot defend against this onslaught of evil forever.

As nightfall nears, I see a small village up ahead.  It is the first settlement that I have seen recently.  I figure that a hot meal and a cold ale will satisfy my hunger.  I walk through the open door and scan the interior.  There are many humans drinking and relaxing.

I order food and sit at a table far from the middle of the room.  A seven foot tall, 360 pound Dragonborn is very noticeable.  I am wearing a long cloak that conceals my features well.

I stare at another shadowy individual on the other side of them room.  I can't see him very well, but I see that his eyes are glowing red.

The End

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