Keep It Calm, Destran

We looked at Yara. Things had moved so fast since the quest had begun, and I wasnt sure what she was thinking. I'd been sure, then we'd grown apart, then known each other again, now we were apart again. I looked around at the others. Lyra, Zahkon, Yara, Brena... Valen--Jack. Such a motely crew. We'd started as volunteers, a band of people who wanted adventure, and now, maybe we were all stuck together. I couldn't figure out who was the glue, holding us together. Was it Brena's cheerful innocence? Va-Jack's annoying, obnoxious, stubbornness? Yeah, that was it.

I still felt half asleep, and my dream was still vivid in my head. It had been so clear to me, the stone had been in my hand. In my hand! But now... it was at least a day away, and V--Jack was still not giving up the location.

Now, it was up to Yara.

"I think... we should head for the village," she said after a long time.

"Okay Yara, then we'll head there." I said, disappointed, but determined not to show it. I would not give Valens-Jack any more rope to hang me with than he'd already taken. Okay Destran... stay calm, I told myself. We'll make it to the stone. This is in the name of peace in the kingdom.

The End

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