Valenstar led the way through the trees toward the stone's hiding place. He was finally cooperating and we made good time.

It was a small clearing, with hardly enough room for the seven of us to stand in. In the center grew a pedestal, a tree with a kind of hole in the center, above which the trunk joined again and grew toward the sky like every other tree in the forest. 

"Talk about hiding a tree in the forest." I mumbled, stepping forward toward the tree. Valak and Zahkon both hung back, as did Lyra. Yara came up though and took my hand, I could feel the ring on her finger pressing into mine and I felt more confident. Valenstar and Brena both looked at me as I took the Stone from its niche. It looked exactly as it had in my dream. I heard Yara gasp softly as she looked at it, which made me think she'd had a similar dream.

I looked at it for a few more seconds, then raised it above my head, turning toward our group in a pose of triumph. We'd done it. We'd found the Seer Stone of Sanfadier!

The End

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