The Stone

I was dreaming, dreaming of the stone. It was beautiful, light, and I held it in my hands as thought it were easily broken. How could something so fragile hold so much power? The beautiful silver curves of it  shone, and the runes began to glow blue. And I looked at it as water began to seep from it, through my hands and to the floor.

I looked around and saw water spreading across the land. People stood, mid battle, looking down at the water pooling round their feet. I looked in to the water and caught sight of myself, normal, as though untouched by the battle around me. And then I saw that I was in fact my mother and her eyes turned black and she screeched, and every one of my people turned and began to slaughter everything in front of them, regardless of the side. And then I looked through my mothers eyes, and saw me lying dead on the floor, Destran's sword buried to the hilt in my chest.

I woke gasping, as though I had been stabbed. I glanced round and saw the others, sleeping around the fire.I had not woken them.

What had that dream been about? It had been so peaceful until I had died. Until my mother had taken revenge, for I realised with a jolting heart that the image of me on the floor was what had caused her wrath. And Destran's sword? Surely he had not killed me?

Then I felt a strange prickling at the back of my neck. It was not as though someone was watching me, not with their eyes. More, as though I was being watched from a great distance, through magical means. My first thought was Sethos, but then I realised the gaze was friendly. Perhaps my mother? Whatever it was I did not like it. I shook my head and went to find water to swim in. That would clear my head.

As I lay in the water, staring upwards at the morning sun, I considered why I would now begin to dream of the stone. The entire quest I had not dreamt of anything like that. It had been so vivid and real...

Then I sat up in astonishment. An idea had occurred to me.

What if the reason I was dreaming of the stone was because we were finally close to it?

The End

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