Always Watching

If asked as to why I wasn't fighting, I honestly couldn't answer. The camp had been set and the food served, I sought solitude and stood next to a nearby tree. I looked around at all the tree's, it reminded me of the war, and the amount of Falath'Nakan I killed here.

I had the feeling like I was being watched...

I kept the look of an unsuspecting foe, and waited for any form of noise. There was none.

This confused me, I drew my spear and walked one step forward, until immediately a Vaan jumps me dual wielding swords.

He was a swift striker, quicker than a Falath'Nakan infact. He was obviously a Vaan, because he was around my size.

He striked with both swords at once, from above. I knocked them back with my spear then I headbutted him in the face. That made him stumble backwards, of which I took advantage of. I rushed forward and sweeped his feet off the ground and I put my blade against his throat.

He had a black mask, with red tribal marking all over it. It was made of steel, and it had the appropriate holes for breathing seeing etc. However, the emblem in the centre looked very familiar.

"So... You haven't lost it have you Valak?" said the attacker
"You'll be losing something if you don't tell me who you are, scum!" I spat back
"You would so easily slay one of your kinsman? What kind of model Vaan are you?"
"I never claimed to be a model Vaan, just because I'm richer than most, doesnt make me a role model"
"Oh don't worry, your no role model"

He pushed my blade to the side, and jumped straight back up onto his feet.

"I'm not here to kill you, I just wanted your full attention, and it seems that I currently have it" He said without looking at me
"Let's get on with it, before the other's see you" I said, more hesitantly that I had intended to
"Why? Ah yes! You are currently in service to the Prince! I remember now" He leaned over to my ear "Most of my order have been following you Valak, we are always watching..."

I pushed him away from me, snarling at him.

"He grows unpatient, you know who I'm talking about" His tone of voice made it obvious that behind his mask he was smiling.
"He know's that in the end, I will not disappoint"
"Good, I'd hate to be after you next, you might actually take effort to bring down"

He picked up his weapons off the ground, and started to brush off any dirt on himself.

"The mercenaries still follow you, you know. They await a moment where you are alone, and far from the others. If I were you, I'd stay with them."
"I do not fear them, they can come at me all they want"
"Their numbers are in the hundreds Valak, I know how the stories are told, but in the end. You are only one, you could not overcome so many on your own"

He begins to walk away, however I needed questions answering.

"Wait, before you go. Who are you? And what is this 'Order' you speak of?" I asked, rather loudly.
"I am one of Sethos' elite guard of course... They call me Bladestorm, my real name is not important, I gave up on it long ago..."

His sentence was cut short, we heard people coming closer. I turned around hoping nobody could see, I could see no-one. Yet as I turned around, 'Bladestorm' was gone.

I looked around, and into the tree's and saw no sign of him. However I saw a red eyed bird circling about, watching me in its every move.

"He is indeed always watching..." I whisper to myself, before turning and walking back to camp.

The End

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