Battling With Lorfedil

My temper, always so close to the surface nowadays bubbled up inside me once more at the sight of the Falath’Nakan that had dropped from the trees. My eyes burned a dark black colour and I reached back and pulled out my blade – ready to fight.

“When are you gonna learn…?" Jack muttered after unsheathing his sword and turning to look at the Falath’Nakan, there were six of them and all of them bore red markings meaning that they were unmistakably warriors. All their red eyes were narrowed at our group and all looked as though they were ready to kill.

Jack made the first move lunging forward to take on two Falath’Nakan at once, Brena was soon battling one of the Falath’Nakan Warriors and Destran and Yara were left to tackle the remaining two warriors, which meant I was left to deal with Lorfedil who looked by far the most menacing of the group. I shot Valak and Zahkon a dirty look for not helping, Valak was lazing at the foot of a nearby tree and Zahkon was standing as far away from the battle as possible as though hoping he wouldn’t be spotted.

I lunged forward with my blade but Lorfedil was too quick, he skirted around my blade and instead of attacking me with his spear he got behind me and sent his fist down on my head. Thanks to the training Jack had given me this attack didn’t phase me much and I soon recovered. Forgetting I had a blade in my hand I kicked backwards, catching Lorfedil in the stomach and sent him reeling. I wasn’t paying attention to the battle going on around me, I was more focused on killing Lorfedil but I managed a fleeting glance back at Valak who was still relaxing by the tree, untroubled by the battle in front of him with no inclination to get up and help, and Zahkon who was still making it look as though he didn’t belong to the group. He evidently lacked his strength and ability and did not want to fight the warrior Falath’Nakan.

I should have realised that this battle was a mismatch, Lorfedil was too quick for me and as I began to tire he was in his element. We both suddenly remembered our weapons and attacked, the sound of metal on metal reverberated around us. I stabbed Lorfedil in the stomach but the wound wasn’t deep enough to make the attack fatal, so I withdrew it and went to stab at his neck but he kicked out and sent me flying into the air with considerable power that I was winded. He lunged forward and swiped at me with his spear whilst I was still airborne and sent me hurtling to the ground, silver blood speckled the ground around me.

I must have been out cold for mere moments because when I awoke Lorfedil was advancing towards me his spear raised and obviously ready to administer his last attack. I rolled out of the way at the last second and his spear became lodged into the ground and I took advantage of the attack to run around him and jump onto his back and press my blade against his neck. I was sent flying again however when with an almighty tug Lorfedil pulled his spear out of the ground. My head hit a rock any my vision was suddenly black but bubbled back into focus mere seconds later with Lorfedil metres away. I wished that Zahkon would stop being a coward and come and help, did this mean that he didn’t really love me? I didn’t have time to ponder this question however before I was immersed in battle again.

I could see out of the corner of my eye that Jack had managed to kill one of the two Falath’Nakan that he was fighting and was battling furiously with the second. Yara had killed hers and was now helping Destran who seemed happy about this. Brena was still fighting hers but seemed to be winning, the other Falath’Nakan didn’t seem as quick as her and was getting seriously beaten up.

I felt the spear connect with my side,felt pain and gasped, he pulled his spear out ready to attack again, the end of it covered in thick silvery blood. I ducked and lunged for his neck, making contact with it. I twisted my blade and Lorfedil coughed up blood. I withdrew my blade and went to stab him again but he grabbed me and held me so tightly around my neck I was being choked. I coughed and my vision seemed to haze but I wasn’t going to give in, my blade was still in my hand and I was able to stab the arm holding me. Lorfedil had dropped me and his spear when I had attacked him and I took advantage of this, grabbed his spear and stabbed it through his heart. Lorfedil coughed up blood and then lay motionless on the ground.

I dropped to my knees, one hand on my side which was bleeding quite badly, the other on the ground; I drew long, steadying breaths, trying to ignore the throbbing pain in my side and the sudden blurriness of my vision. I got to my feet and saw that all the Falath’Nakan were now lying dead and everyone looked very woebegone in appearance. Aside from me Brena looked as though she had taken a fair beating before managing to kill her Falath’Nakan, battered and bruised but smiling. My relief of finally beating the Falath’Nakan turned suddenly to anger again when Zahkon came running back to the group and tried to put his arm around me to make sure that I was alright

“Don’t touch me” I shouted, turning to look at him furiously.

“I…. I….don’t know” he stammered

“I didn’t expect Valak to help but you!” I glowered at him, but this anger that had suddenly coursed through my body seemed to sap the last of my energy away and I dropped to the group and knew no more.

The End

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