Not What I Imagined

We were all shoved inside a little wooden cell in the tree city. I hovered by the cell door for a minute, looking around at all the houses, it was amazing, almost magical!

Destran and Yara were in the back of the cell, Lyra was hovering near Yara, staying out of the way of Jack and Zahkon. I could see that the tension between Lyra and Zahkon was rising by the minute, and I was hoping it didn't explode in this confined space. 

The Falath'Nakan had ambushed us early this morning, there was nothing we could do, they came out of the trees with their bows raised, and even Jack didn't put up a fight, we all followed them to their tree complex and were pushed into this small wooden box of a room. It felt smaller, I thought, because of all the people, and the tense feelings coming from Zahkon. He looked kind of scary, tucked away in a corner, obviously nervous and angry about something. I wasn't sure what was making him so tense, but I was afraid to ask.

I looked out of the slots in the door, trying to get a good look at where we are, but I couldn't see much beyond the doorframe. There was no one nearby, and I guessed we would be here for a while. I sat down and leaned against the door.

"Ok, guys, we'd better get comfortable: we might be here for a while." I announced  to the room. Yara nodded and everybody found a spot to sit and get more comfortable.

"Somehow I thought our reunion would be more dramatic." Destran muttered, mostly to himself.

"What's more dramatic than being captured by the Falath'Nakan?"

The End

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