I slipped away from the fire, hearing the return of Lyra and Jack. My sleep had not afforded me the quiet thoughts I wished to explore. I needed more time.

As I paced through the forest, I sighed. Destran's departure from the group felt violent, as though the heart of the group had been ripped from its metaphorical chest. I gazed up at the trees. This was such a beautiful place. I sat down at the base of a tree and wrapped my arms around my knees, closing my eyes.

Destran. Whatever he felt, however he acted, he had always listened to me. Except for the last time, when he'd left. What had changed?

"Stand up." A voice hissed and my eyes flashed open. An arrow was pointed at me, and at the other end was a Falath'Nakan. Two others were either side of him. I felt for my dagger, but realised I wouldn't be able to do anything before he released the arrow. So I stood."Walk."


"Follow." One of them set of and I followed, aware that I was being followed very closely by an arrow and a dagger.

We made our way through the trees, and eventually stopped.


I looked around at the Falath'Nakan who had made the order and he pointed towards a tree. I headed for it, and saw grooves where I could place my feet and hands. I began to climb. Soon, I emerged in to the leafy bowers and saw what could only be described as a village of tree houses.

As I was shoved along branches, I stared around. Falath'Nakan were watching me from almost every branch as I was shoved in to one of the wooden structures and the door was closed upon me.

"Chief will be here soon. Stay." As if I had much choice. I turned around.

"Destran." He was in front of me, tied to a branch. I rushed forward and removed the ropes, and the gag in his mouth.

"Yara." He breathed, smiling."You were caught?"


"The others?"

"They weren't far from me. I'm sure they'll be here soon too."

"I don't know what they want."

"They are civilised people, I'm sure they do not want trouble."

"I hope not."

"We just have to wait and see." I smiled and went to the hole which was clearly the equivalent of a window. "Perhaps they can tell us about the stone?"

"I have more important things to think of now." He muttered.

The End

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