Taken to Heart

"Find the Stone, get the girl, find the Stone, get the girl..." I kept up the mumbling, trying to figure out my predicament, as I marched through the forest. The path I was following twisted and turned so much that I'd lost all sense of direction hours ago and was really just wandering around. I kept my hand near my sword, on guard, reaching out with all my senses, find the Stone, find the girl…

My other hand slipped into my pocket, my fingers closed around the box containing the ring, and Yara’s face flashed through my mind. No, no, I couldn’t, no, Yara? No, we were friends. Are friends… That would never change. Will never change.

“Admit it, you like her,”whispered a voice in my head. My own voice.

“No..” I replied out loud. “Its strictly an impersonal relationship.”

“You’ve liked her for a very long time” Said the voice. “Long enough, you might even love her…”

“Shut up!” I hissed at the thoughts. “I don’t even know her that well anymore. We’ve grown apart, we’ve got different lives, I’m going to be king, she’ll inherit her mother’s position, we cant be together. We aren’t even the same species!”

“That’s never mattered before. Humans and seviere are compatible.” I sighed, I hated it when I argued with myself. It made me sound crazy. It was a good thing no one was around. I came to my senses, shook my head to clear it and looked around.


Four of them.

Pointing loaded bows at me.


The End

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