Opening Up To Jack

I absentmindedly poked the glowing embers of the fire; the sun was just beginning to rise on a new day and yet I was the only one awake. This gave me time to think. Nothing was the same anymore our group was falling apart at the seams, Destran had stormed off no idea where, no one was happy and Zahkon was now more distant with me than ever before.

I got to my feet, scanning my eyes around the campsite and to my sleeping friends, Jack snored heavily and Yara rolled gently over in her sleep. I picked up my cloak and pulled it on as a cold breeze was blowing making me shiver slightly, then I started to make my way out of the clearing where everyone was sleeping and to a lake we had spotted nearby.  I dropped down on the bank by the lake, kicked off my shoes and dipped my toes in the water watching as they became shapeless … it felt refreshing.

A bush rustled and there was a loud thud behind me and I turned my head to see Jack walking bleary eyed out of the bush, a leaf sticking up from on top of his head.

“Tripped and fell in the bush, gah I am not awake yet” he said plonking his butt next to me and dusting himself down. He nudged me with his shoulder when I didn’t respond, and I turned to look at him.

“Hey, what’s up?” he asked, rather sensitively I thought, a look of genuine concern on his face.

“Nothing ...” I lied, focusing my gaze back on the lake and he nudged me again.

“You know, I have always been able to tell when people are not being truthful, come on talk to me” he said nudging me a third time with his shoulder and I looked at him intently for a moment.

“You know, despite your annoying tendencies Jack, you’re a lovely person.”

“I’m not,” he muttered, “anyway don’t change the subject, what’s upsetting you Lyra, you’re normally quite chatty and open but recently you have been subdued.”

“I’m not the only one who has been subdued, everyone has,”

“Yes, but you more so.”

“Its fine, honest Jack, it’s nothing.” I said simply

“You know, your stubbornness reminds me of someone I used to know, someone I….” he trailed off and he too turned his eyes to the water which was rippling gently and reflecting the morning rays.  

“You miss it, don’t you?” Jack asked.


“The sea”

“Yeah” I murmured and then we lapsed into silence, listening to the sounds around us, the birds tweeting and the sound of running water.



“Who do I remind you of?”


“You said that I reminded you of someone and then you trailed off” I said, turning to face him and giving him a questioning look.

“Oh, no-one you know” he said getting to his feet, “come on we best get back to the group before they wake up and find us both gone,” and before I could say anything else he had strode away, tripping over the same bush again.

I got slowly to my feet, slipped on my shoes and followed, my head suddenly buzzing.

The End

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