Wartime Flashbacks I

Everyone's asleep, the night is quiet. As I leaned back and gazed at the stars, my memories went back to the war.

I did things that made me look more like a brigand than a mlitary general. I raided villages and took prisoners and sold them for ransom. The life of a high ranking Vaan is an easy one, yet there was so little limits to what I could do, it left me bored in my spare time.

People know that killing a Vaan general would most likely result in a war, which prevents most from killing me. Yet these mercenaries, most likely led by a Vaan. The immediate suspects were people who served me, a Vaan gets jealous of richer people, and jealousy results in a murderous attitude.

I looked about my surroundings, and I saw a crow circling above, its red eyes stood out in the dark nights sky. Sethos is watching.

"How long do you think it will take?" a voice came from behind me.
"A week or two, maybe longer, they move too slow" I replied, without looking to see who it is.
"How do you know that you'll even find it?"
"It has to be somewhere, wont take forever"

I heard the footsteps come closer, and I turned round to meet this visitor.

It was another Vaan, dressed in light armour, with a helmet, completely black. His helmet was only just the shape of his head, and it had distinct markings in gold. He was one of the assassin's that were specially trained during the great war, a worthy opponent in a one on one.

"Your an assassin huh? What are you here for? My head?"
"No, I'll be doing a secret mission elsewhere, I was just walking through"
"Any reason for talking to me?"
"Just trying to get information on your hunt for the stone, news spreads fast"

He walked through the camp, barely making a sound. I turned back to the fire, wondering what a Vaan assassin would be doing around these parts. Sometimes I wished I had volunteered to be one, but their jobs were behind enemy lines where the battles werent as intense as the front lines.

I looked around at my surroundings, the location seemed similar. Then I noticed, I had been here before.

During the war, I took a small scouting team through here. We were given a lead that there was a Falah'Nakan located nearby, and we sent a scouting team to confirm this before sending in the troops. Even though I was a general, I still wanted to go, I didnt like staying in our camp for too long.

We got around somewhere at this location, and we could see a faint light in the tree's. As we began to advance towards the light, arrows came through the treelines and started killing my men. We were confused, we had no idea where the arrows were coming from. I told a few of my men to take a run for the light, and I went with them.

We got to the light, which was coming from a treehouse, which was surrounded by others. Our maps said that there wasnt any villages nearby, so this might of been the encampment we were told about.

I ordered the surviving men to go back to our camp and inform them that the information was correct. I was staying behind to see what I could find out. There wasn't any ladders, as the Falath'Nakan didnt need any, so I had to climb up a tree myself.

The treehouse I was next to, was a barracks of some sort, were the soldiers slept and put their equipment. I climbed in through the window, and snuck through the building. Most of the treehouses were connected through a series of bridges leading from treehouse to treehouse.

My immediate instinct was to go for the middle treehouse, so that is where I went. I couldnt go through the door as there were guards about, so I had to climb underneathe the bridge and over to the middle. I continued to climb the tree till I saw yet another window, looking through it seemed to be a meeting room of some sort.

A group of Falath'Nakan walked in with the dead body of one of my men, and threw it on the floor. I couldnt hear any talking, but I could easily guess what it was they were talking about.

After watching them talk for a few minutes, the group of them left. The leader looking one stayed, with a couple of guards next to him.

I heard lots of footsteps, but they were coming from below me, on the ground. I looked out and saw fire, lots of fire. They were about to bombard the base with fire arrows, I liked the sound of that.

I jumped through the window, got out my spear and in a swift 360 spin, I cut open the stomach of one guard and cut off the other ones legs. Using the middle of my spear, I smacked the leader in the face with it, making him slightly lose balance and stumble a little. I stabbed him in the leg, bringing him down, and then I took his sword from him.

I pushed him onto his stomach, and pressed his face onto the floor. Then I put both of his hands on his back on top of each other, and stabbed through them with his sword. I heard lots of thudding noises on the roof, then everything caught fire in seconds. I ran toward the exit, and onto one of the bridges.

I couldnt jump down, the fall would kill me, but the fire seemed intent on doing that and burned the bridge supports.

I hit a lot of things on the way down, but when it came to the long drop, I stabbed my spear into the nearest tree to slow my fall.

I reached the ground unharmed, but then a lot of Falath'Nakan warriors charged at me. We fought in the middle of a burning camp, I was outnumbered greatly.

I deflected one blow, the ducked under his next strike. I rolled under his legs and waited for him to turn round before I stabbed him in the gut.

Another one swung for me, caught me on my arm. The pain only turned to anger, I turned my spear into two blades and jumped onto one. I stabbed him repeatedly in the chest, I backflipped off of him, and pushed him towards the others. When I landed on the ground, I threw one of my swords into another ones chest. I ran towards them, ran up the falling corpse and took my sword back out.

I jumped forward, spread my arms out and cut two throats before landing on the ground. The trees were beginning to fall down around us, I avoided them, but they were too busy focusing on me to try to dodge them.

Shortly afterward, Vaan soldiers started charging in through the smoke. They cut down the startled Falath'Nakan with ease and that was an easy victory.

My thoughts were back at the present, time hadnt seemed to have gone by very quickly and it was still night time. I wasn't tired so I plan on staying up tonight to make sure nobody tries to rob us.

The End

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