Let him go.

"Great, he's gone." I glared at Jack who was grinning stupidly.

"Hey it's your job to sort him out. You're his babysitter." He stuck his tongue out.

"I hate you."

"You hate that you can't keep your eyes off me."

"You hate that I don't find you attractive."

"Oh you do, you're just too frigid to do anything about it."

"I think you'll find that when I find someone attractive and irresistable I'll act on it."

"Then why haven't you?"

"Because you're not either of those things."

"Well aside from the fact that you're wrong," Jack swaggered, "I meant why haven't you tried it with Destran?"

That kind of shut me up. I had to think before answering.

"Because. Destran and I are just friends. There's nothing more there."

"Oh really? Because I think Prince Prick is just too scared that you won't like what he has to offer. And I think that's about the size of it. No seriously. That's," He held up his pinkie finger, "about the size of it."

I was about to answer back before Lyra interrupted.

"Will you two STOP it? Why is everyone always arguing these days? We've lost Destran, you two won't stop bickering and..." She looked at Zahkon, "things aren't the same."

"You're right. But Jack shouldn't have wound Destran up like that. Or Yara for that matter." Brena said, hands on hips as she pursed her lips at Jack. I had a feeling he'd listen to her, and was glad she'd stepped in.

"Banana..." Jack whined, pulling a puppy dog face.

"Jack stop being a child for two minutes. We need to figure out what to do now he's gone. Maybe two of us should go after him?"

"No." I heard myself say. I was surprised, but carried on. "No, let him have some time."

"Well, alright. If you're sure." Brena said puzzled, before she turned back to the group. "I say we sleep, and then figure out what to do in the morning."

Jack yawned and curled up in a ball next to the fire. I guess he agreed. Valak sta by the fire, sharpening his sword, a small and evil smile on his face. Zahkon nodded grudgingly and sat down, while Lyra followed suit a little further away. I worried about the two of them. I wanted things to be good again, if only for Lyra's sake.

"Yara, a word?" Brena whispered as she passed by me. I followed her soundlessly until we had reached the edge of the forest. Then she turned to face me. "Is there anything between you and Destran?"

"No. Why?"

"I just wondered is all. I mean, you two are so close and what with Sievere mating for life... I just, I see you as a really close friend and I don't want you to get hurt."

I smiled and gave her a hug.

"Thank you Brena, but don't worry, I know what I'm doing. Nothing's happened and honestly, I love him but I can't say for sure how. I'd have to kiss him to see if we were soul mates and I'm pretty sure I don't want to throw away our friendship just to test. I'd rather things stayed the way they are."

"Well I hope he realises how special you are."

I smiled and watched her walk back to the fire. I stayed however, leaning against a tree and looking up at the star filled night. It puzzled me; the situation with Destran. Everyone seemed so intent on us being together... and I loved him, I really did. But how do you know what kind of love you feel in situations like this?

What I hated most was the confusion. The not knowing how I felt.

It made me feel weak. And I hate feeling weak.

I sighed as a cloud passed over the second moon. Time to sleep, and tomorrow, everything would seem better.

The End

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