Dont try to stop me this time....

We rested easily in camp that night. The supplies we'd bought in town had been divided between all our packs so we each carried our own weight and after dinner was served, we sat around with the bowls of Brena's delicious stew and I listened to Valenstar attempt once again to explain what had happened in town today.

"Look I--"

"Dont even start Valenstar," I said laughing though at Lyra's black eyes, she still hadnt cooled down from this afternoon. " You just looked too guilty." I paused to reflect at the events of the day. "At least no one got drunk this time." I was feeling rather witty, and satisfied at Valenstar's speechlessness. Course, then came the inevitable.

"Oh, we'll be doing that again. That was funny, the way you ended up in a dress, Destran." Valenstar laughed. Valak was already rolling on the ground. I felt my face get all hot. I didnt like being out of control. I could handle others out of control, but when I couldnt be in control of myself... "That day," I said.  "What I can remember of it, is the most embarrassing, humiliating--"

"Aw, but it was funny." Valenstar interrupted me. "Valak's got some powerful alcohol."

"It was not funny." I was standing now. "And if you do anything like that again, I'll--"

"Kill me? Please!" Valenstar said. "Give it your best shot."

I stepped foward, but Yara got in the way.

"Stop, fighting isnt going to do anything." She said, putting a hand on my chest. "You keep saying that we shouldnt fight amongst ourselves."

"I'm sick and tired of him!" I nearly shouted, pointing vehemently at Valenstar. "Tired of the teasing and the disrespect. This is my quest!" 

"Destran..."Yara tried.

"No! This is my quest!" I was throwing a temper tantrum like a two year old but I didnt care. "And I am going to make some progress in it. I'm going to find the Stone myself!"

I grabbed my sword, my pack, and shot one last glare at Valenstar before striding off toward the forest.

The End

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