The Interesting Misdeeds Of A Naughty Warrior II

We had been to many places on our journey, and many more were still to be seen. One such place we visited was a place called Faryun after it had rained for a few days. It was in the Kaya plains, and was quite the bustling town. We were going about the market place, trying not to lose each other in the swab of endless people. Destran was leading, followed closely by Valak, and the rest darting behind.

I was trudging up the rear when I noticed something. A little girl ran up behind Lyra and snatched her blade without Lyra noticing. Clever little pickpocket. I detached from group to follow her, otherwise we’d never hear the end of Lyra’s moans and rants about losing her one-of-a-kind family blade.

I kept close to the little girl, who was much more adept at moving through the crowds than I was. I turned a corner and found her being assailed by a bunch of youths. No older than the rest of my group. They were teasing and pushing the little girl, who tried very hard to hide the blade, but they found it anyways and took it for themselves.

“Oh hey guys! Thanks for saving that from the pickpocket! I was having a hard time catching up!” I called to them gratefully, and made my way over to them.
One of the boys sneered and pushed the girl into my legs. “Finders keepers, old man! This is ours now” he said with a smirk, and the others laughed.
“Old man?!” I said in absolute shock. “Now see here! I'm only thirty! I got plenty of spry left in me!”
They all burst out laughing. “Who the hell talks like that?! That’s so lame!” The same one yelled.
“I the hell talks like that! Now give me that blade!” I demanded.
“Gotta catch me first!” The youth yelled before darting off.

I went to pursue, when two of his friends blocked my path. I punched them both unconscious and continued on my way. The ones that remained, seeing their friends knocked out cold effortlessly, scattered. One took the shocked little girl and headed in the opposite direction, and she cried out for me to save her.
Buggering hell.

I turned on my heel and went the opposite direction to save the little girl, though I’d like to stress that I didn’t want to. They ran back out onto the busy streets, and used their youthful bodies, knowledge of the area, mixed with some parkour, to stay ahead of me.

I chased them as best as I could without resorting to my strength and speed that would have just resorted in more unnecessary trouble. I managed to corner one after ten minutes in front of a pottery store, he was holding the girl. I jumped at him when another one of his friends dashed by and took her out of his hands and ran off.

The boy got out of the way and I crashed through the doors, into the shelves, and had about a ton of pottery smash on my head. I healed up the cuts and stood up out of the mountain of shards, just to see the shopkeeper holding a broom and murder in his face.

I’ve never been whacked out of a shop so hard, I lost my balance and tripped over the curb, right into a passing cart loaded with fertiliser. I crawled out of the cart, covered in you don’t want to know, and wiped it from my eyes. I looked around to see the youths carrying the girl laughing at me and making a break for it.

I had had enough; I jumped off from the pavement onto the roof of a nearby building, and followed the boys from the rooftops. When they stopped to see if I was still chasing them, I dropped down and knocked the both of them out. I picked up the little girl, held her close, and checked to see if she was alright.


“Kidnap!” Somebody yelled.


I turned to see a man and woman come at me, looking desperate and distraught. “That man has kidnapped our daughter! Somebody help!” They yelled and pointed at me.
I let go of the girl and put up my hands to signal I was no threat. “Excuse me? I saved her from these ruffians! And she pickpocketed from me! Maybe you should have more control over your own daughter?” I defended myself sternly.
“Guards! He’s over here! Kidnapper!” They continued like they had never heard me. I was drawing a crowd now, and several people look particularly menacing.

Just then, the little girl kicked my shin and ran off. I swore at her before noticing several official people running at me, and the crowd itself began to close in on me now that the girl was back with her parents.
Buggering hell.

I hopped along down an alleyway to avoid them all, hid inside a man-sized crate, and covered the lid over me to leave me in darkness. After I heard the majority of footsteps pass, I took notice of what was in the crate with me. I poked a hole in the side and light shined in, and I was instantly aware of the thousands of mousetraps in the crate with me.

I tried to take the lid off to escape unscathed, but I must have bashed one of them. Because they all started snapping at the same time, and I seemed to be a magnet. I jumped out in pain and ran down the alleyway pulling all the mousetraps off of me.


I only had a few more left to take off, when I found the remaining youths in a dead end admiring Lyra’s blade. They saw me and made a move to climb over the seven foot tall wall that look extremely well-worn, with no time to spare and a few mousetraps still clamped onto me, I ran at the boy with the blade.

I snatched his foot, and he tried to wiggle free. I wouldn’t let go, so he threw the blade at me, causing me to let go of his foot and see him disappear over the wall. I landed in a wet patch, slipped, and went head first into the withered wall. I couldn’t react before it came crashing down on top of me.

The noise attracted the mob of people after me, and when I climbed out of the debris I saw the crowd advancing on me slowly. I grabbed Lyra’s blade in front of me, and made a dash for the other direction where the youths ran off to.


Several hours later, the sun was going down, and the town was still after me. I was covered in horse crap, mousetraps, pottery shards, and dust from my ordeal, when I finally reached the edge of the town. The people finally gave up after they saw me leave the area out into the wilderness, and went back to their daily lives.

I arched my head to make sure they weren’t following me, and slipped on the ground I wasn’t paying attention to. I landed face first in the mud and groaned, how could this day get any worse?
That was when I saw a pair of feet appear before me. I looked up to see Lyra with black eyes and her hands itching to kill me.

“So YOU’RE the one who stole my family blade?! I’ve spent all day looking for it! What were you trying to do?! Sell it? You despicable idiot!” She yelled whilst snatching the blade out of my dirtied hand, and stormed off to join the others who all looked at me like I was the culprit in all of this!
“Wait… let me explain…” I moaned.
“Save it Jack! No dinner for you for a week!” Brena told me off.
“I never thought you a thief Valenstar” Destran said whilst shaking his head.
“Is there anything you won’t do?” Yara said disappointed.
“You are such a pathetic creature sometimes Valenstar” Zahkon commented with a sneer.
Valak just laughed.
“You stay away from my stuff! I'm not going to forget this Jack! You’ve gone too far! Lyra shouted.


Buggering hell.

The End

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