More Vaan to Kill

Over the next few weeks I noticed a distinct change in Zahkon, he had become more introverted and closed off. Maybe this was just because the whole group had been travelling in silence for weeks on end, for we had all had our moments of fighting amongst ourselves, however Zahkon seemed to be avoiding my gaze, brushing off my concern with one word answerers and disappearing for hours on end once we had set up camp for the night.  He was starting to worry me, he had changed and it didn’t seem like the same person I had fallen in love with.

I would have guessed that once we had left the marshes, everyone’s mood would have lifted but it remained awkward, the kind of silence which could be sliced with a knife. I didn’t like it. Although saying that Yara and I had the odd whispered conversation but even Yara had become distracted. I don’t think Yara and I had really understood what this quest would entail, and after constant arguments within the group Destran had threatened more than once to continue his quest alone, something which seemed to unsettle Yara greatly. She invariably managed to calm Destran down on these occasions.


It was a sunny day, the first really sunny day in quite a while and we were travelling along however not in absolute silence which seemed to be a break though. Jack was talking to Valak  however their conversations came to a premature end when Jack suddenly said that Zahkon should start shooting. I turned round to look at Jack a perplexed look on my face and Jack nodded his head forward, I spun back around and saw Zahkon firing arrow after arrow at a bush in the distance.

At first I thought Zahkon was just letting off some steam but then I saw a couple of Vaan flee from their hiding place of behind the bush and this instantly put me on the defensive. Zahkon was still firing at the Vaan who were coming nearer and nearer to the group.  When they were only a few meters away Zahkon stopped firing and one of the Vaans stepped forward;

“You are the daughter of Jarrell” he said,

“We have already been through this!” I said getting annoyed at the feeling of déjà vu.

“You need to pay us your fathers debts.” He said simply, holding out his ugly hand.

“And if I don’t?” I said folding my arms defensively.

“Then we will have to kill you!” he said.

“Well then you will have to kill me, because I am not paying” I said my eyes prickling as they started to go black and I pulled out my blade ready to fight them.

“Lyra back down” Jack hissed, “You are no match for them.”

“Then what am I supposed to do?” I hissed back, “I wouldn’t have this problem if he…” I jabbed my finger in the direction of Valak, “… hadn’t murdered my father!”

Jack brushed passed me and confronted the two Vaan,

“Do you want to know what happened to the last Vaan that tried to fight us?”  Jack asked them, taking a step forward …. “They died a slow and painful death by my hand.”

“We are not afraid of a fight, we have been trained in combat and...” but the Vaan was cut off by Jack laughing, “Don’t you get it, they were trained in combat and still died.”

“We will do whatever is necessary to get our gold” the Vaan said withdrawing his weapon  and starting towards me, but before he had time to even think of an attack Jack had pulled out his weapon and beheaded the first Vaan.

The second Vaan started launching an attack on Jack, who seemed to be enjoying the battle, weeks of no-one talking to anyone because it would only end in bickering if they did talk seemed to have taken its toll on Jack. He took to making remarks about the Vaan’s attacks, (like it was a sparring session)

“No, your aim is all wrong” he said, “and that attack is so predictable,” this only infuriated the Vaan more.  Just to annoy him more, Jack threw his boomerang at the Vaan which clobbered him around the head before returning to Jack’s hand.

I stood with the others watching Jack fight, He didn’t seem to be taking the fight very seriously which made it quite good to watch as the Vaan growled his annoyance.

“Why won’t you die!” the Vaan shouted after he had stabbed Jack several times in the stomach and the wounds had healed.

“I’m special, that’s why and you’re not”

“But you heal?”

“Yeah and you don’t, and that is why you will never beat me,” Jack said with a chuckle before lunging at the Vaan and stabbing him several times with his sword. The Vaan dropped to the ground dead.

Jack bent over the dead Vaan and wiped the end of his sword on one of their trouser legs then straightening up he said to the group;

“Come on then, lets go,” before taking the lead.

I ran to catch up to him and said in an undertone;

“Thanks, you saved me from killing myself in battle against those guys, that’s the second time you’ve saved me.”

“I’m making a habit of this, don’t get used to it” he said and I rolled my eyes skywards.

I looked over my shoulder and saw Zahkon jump into a nearby tree and follow the group from the trees, more closed off than before.

Something was up!

The End

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