A Vaan's Bad Side

Whilst all that was going on, my thoughts went back to when it happened.

Her father was... a nuisance to say the least. Killed some of my best men, and tried to kill me. His first attempt must of been to study my attacks, as he didnt stay around long. He always got to me when I was alone, ambushing me. The second time, I managed to get his leg. He limped away, and I let him go thinking he would leave me alone. I was wrong.

The third time, he probably would of gotten me if I wasnt one step ahead. I ordered my men to follow me around out of sight and wait for him whilst I acted like I wasnt expecting him.

As he attacked I blocked, one of my archers hit him in the arm, forcing him to drop his sword. I ordered my men to leave him alive and take him back to my dungeon.

I tied him up, gagged him and threw him into the forge room. I place a glass of water on a table next to him, and I sat and watched as he slowly died.

"So" I started "Thought you could kill me did you?"

He glared at me, yet through his anger I saw the pain I was inflicting. I got out of the chair.

"You see..." I continued, as I paced around him "You cant just come onto MY land, and try to take MY life" I took out a dagger, and stabbed him in the shoulder.

"I am one of the most powerful Vaan alive! You think it would be so easy to just get rid of me?" I smacked him across the face with the back of my hand, making him fall down to the floor.

He was drenched in sweat, and there was a lot of blood pouring out of his wound.

"This war gives me quite a few opportunities to slaughter your kind, its all you sea-hags deserve" I stabbed him again, in his leg this time.

I leaned over him, and looked him in the eye, and i smiled. Then I noticed the tears in his eyes, this made me smile even more. He wanted death, and that is precisely why I didnt kill him then.

"Your the first good fight I've had in a while you know" I stated, emotionless. "Its a shame you had to die this way"

I stood up, and went towards the glass of water. I picked it up and drank it slowly. I got about halfway through and then stopped.

"I never was much of a water person" I laughed, throwing the glass over my shoulder behind me. I looked at his face as it smashed, his only hope of survival gone.

"Now then, what to do with you?" I asked him sarcastically. "I could just kill you now, but you want me to don't you? Where would the fun in that be? But leaving you here while my men work, they might kill you instead, and nobody is taking my kills"

I walked up to him, grabbed him by the skin of his neck and got him onto his knees again.

He seemed exhausted, breathing heavily, his death was near. I got some sweets from a nearby bag, and crushed them up. I dipped an arrow into the little pieces and made sure there was a lot on the tip.

I aimed for his stomach, I purposely delayed because it scared him even more.

"Let this be a lesson to you..."

I released the arrow, it went straight into his stomach, he curled forward with a loud muffled scream of pain. Eventually he fell to the side, breathing quickly, blood all over his body. The sugar was immediately taking effect.

"Dont mess with Valak Ru'um..."

The End

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