Never Hated Someone That Much

I knew at that moment, as I stared in to his laughing eyes, that I would never hate anyone again as much as I hated him right now. The towel around me barely covered my body. I felt violated, as though part of my very soul was dirty just at the idea that at some point, he may have seen more than he should ever have.

And yet, with all this hatred in my soul, my eyes were not black. Lyra's were. I glanced in the water as she ranted. No, my eyes were not black. Was I not mad? I felt mad. I felt like my anger would tar me apart. Then why were my eyes the same as usual?

As I looked up from the water I re-entered reality and realised Zahkon was holding back Lyra, but failing to calm her. I took control.

"Lyra! Calm down!" I said, standing in front of her, one hand on her shoulder. "Calm yourself. Relax." Her eyes lost their blackness in light of my calm ones. If my eyes had been reflecting how I felt as they usually did, she wouldn't have calmed. I wondered if that was why I wasn't showing emotion. Something I had recieved from my mother perhaps...?

"Yara, you know what they did though, they are so immature and their immaturity just makes my blood boil!"

"Yes, I know Lyra, but don't let yourself sink to their level... keep the moral highground." I said hugging her while keeping a hold on my towel. It was the last thing I wanted to tell her. I wante to tell her to tear them apart, to find that thing that killed Jack, that killed him forever, and use it. As for Valak... he was speaking to Lyra now. I tried to concentrate on the conversation but my thoughts were jostling to the front of my  mind. Images of all the ways I could destroy Jack...

Lyra fainted next to me. I felt her drop, felt Zahkon go to her, and felt more anger as my consciousness caught me up with what had been said. I had to be filled to the brim with hate now. Valak was the one responsible for all the tears Lyra had let fall, for all the times I had found her trying to release her water form so she could float in to the ocean as part of it... She was young when her father had died, as was I, but we Sievere remember every detail of our lives as clearly as though it were happening at that moment if we want to. As clear as water. And she remembered her father and his love for her so much for such a long time that the memories drowned her. And she was almost swept away.

I realised I was standing rigidly staring in to the trees at that point, while everyone fussed over Lyra, except Jack and Valak, who were standing closely looking on. And Destran was walking away. My subconscious filled me in again, telling me that he'd just made a speech about peace... I listened over and felt a sadness in me.

I looked down as Lyra opened her eyes. They were black. Black as black. Her features were moving, rippling across her face. When Sievere on land were truly angry our features changed slightly; our teeth became sharp, our cheekbones raised, giving us an inhuman face. We were truly terrifying. And there was Lyra, becoming like this.

She leapt up; Zahkon and Brena were sent stumbling backwards. Her eyes were fixed on Valak. I looked at him briefly. He looked genuinely pleased, ready for a fight. Jack was grinning gleefully. My eyes returned to Lyra. I was between them, I had the chance to stop her.

"Yara, grab her!" Zahkon called. I looked between him and Lyra, and time seemed to slow. I had a decision to make. And with the rage in my heart that wouldn't leave it because it wouldn't show on my features, I made it quickly.

"Go get them." I whispered, and stood aside.

Lyra launched at Valak and they went tumbling to the floor, fighting tooth and weapon. I watched.

"Yara what are you doing!?" Destran called as he ran past, sword drawn. I looked at Jack, and saw that despite the glee he was showing towards the fight, he was watching me curiously, even slightly worriedly. What had he to be worried about? He was the cause of so much trouble. What if I wanted a little too?

And then I felt it. The pain in my head that meant someone was in there.

What are you doing? She'll be killed. An image of Lyra lying dead on the floor filled my mind. It broke through the anger, didn't dismiss it, but cleared it away so I could see clearly.

And I saw Valak and Lyra fighting, saw my friend losing herself to anger. And realised I was wrong.

I ran as fast as I could to them, pushed Destran and Zahkon away from Lyra, and pulled her myself. She fell, pulling me with her, and Brena pulled Valak away at the same moment. As Lyra turned to lash out at me, to make me let go, I wrestled her. I felt her nails slice through skin on my arm, saw her eyes devoid of life glaring in to mine. I saw the pool of swamp water next to us.

We were water again, and I was pulling her deeper, deeper, until we touched the bottom of the green water. She was fighting me, fighting me for release but I wouldn't let go.

"Lyra!" I cried as she bit in to my shoulder in a desperate attempt to free herself. She looked at me unseeingly."I was wrong. Don't... your father wouldn't have wanted you to do this!"

A harsh siren scream released itself from Lyra's mouth. It blasted through the water and I knew that water would have just burst out of the top of the pool. I hoped it had drenched Jack and Valak.

"Your father wanted you to be good. He wouldn't have wanted his girl to be a killer. He wouldn't have wanted her to be like a siren. He loved your kindness the most Lyra. And what about all the times you've stopped me doing stupid things? Don't do this. Please."

She floated in front of me, no longer struggling. Her expressionless eyes looked at me, and I knew she was listening.

"Please." I repeated.

The glow in her eyes died down, she became less evil looking, more like a regular sievere. But I was sure that something in her had been changed forever, having been touched by the evil that had taken over her. And that was my fault, for not stopping her.

"I'm sorry." I whispered, and hugged her. When I let go, she looked around her and then pointed upwards. We swam up. As we hit the air, our skin appeared again, bubbling over the water barrier that held us in under the water. And our dresses reappeared on us. That was the good thing about them. They belonged to us and us only. They changed as we changed. And if we entered water without them on, they were always there when we resurfaced.

The eyes of our companions were fixed on us as we became our human shapes.

It looked like we had a lot of mess to clean up. And Destran, his eyes fixed on me as if he knew nothing about me, was my priority, after Lyra. Right now, I had to keep her from killing anyone, and turning in to the monster that had already surfaced in both of us.

The End

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