Lyra fainted. Zahkon stepped forward, protecting her and drawing his bow, aiming for the avenging kill. I could hardly blame him, but a small part of me was just annoyed. Lyra had already mourned for her father, this entire fiasco was just unnecessary. Valak cackled, it grated on my nerves like nothing else, not to mention my still sore head. I avoided the stalemate unfolding and slipped Lyras dress over her head, exchanging it for my own shirt and pants, then I stepped between the fuming Falath'Nakan and laughing Vann.

"This is supposed to be my story." I muttered, then louder I added, "We cant be fighting amongst ourselves, or be divided anymore like we have been. All seven of us need to work together and ensure the safety of the group. There are a lot of different alliances here now, but if we show that we can get along, maybe we could be an example for peace."

"Who wants peace?" Valak scoffed.

"Yeah, peace is boring." Valenstar chimed in.

I clenched my fists. This was supposed to be a quest for peace and we were fighting amongst ourselves nearly constantly. I resisted the urge to growl.

"If this quest is to focus on the past war, getting drunk and our own petty problems," I began, "and not finding the Stone of Sanfadier." I paused looking at the faces around me. Yara, Lyra, Zahkon, Brena, Valenstar, Valak. So many different people. If we couldnt get along, how could the world?

"Then I will find the Stone myself like I originally planned." I finished, picking up my bag and a portion of supplies and some money and started walking. Behind me, Jack and Valak laughed.

The End

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