A Distinct Family Resemblance

I awoke bleary eyed and head throbbing the next morning. A thick fog had settled over the marshes making it hard to see very far but I was able to make out the silhouettes of my passed out comrades. I lifted my head slightly, wincing slightly as my head gave a pang of pain. What had happened the previous night? I strained my memory but there was a black hole where the night should have been.

Since it was foggy I didn’t realise at first that I wasn’t wearing my dress but something baggier, something which almost fell off my slim figure. I examined the clothes closely and realized whose they were; I was wearing Destran’s clothes and at I guess he was wearing my dress.

A laugh rang out from behind me and I stood up to see Jack bent over double with laughter, and the sound of his laughter made my blood boil and my eyes blacken.
“YOU!” I shouted at him, “You idiot!” before lunging at him, reaching back to grab my blade before realising that I wasn’t wearing my own clothes. I stopped in my tracks and glared at a still laughing Jack.

“You …. You suit short hair and a beard Lyra” laughed Jack and I stared at him confused before slowly reaching a cautious hand to my head and running my hand down my hair. Sure enough I ran out of hair sooner than I had thought and some of the hair that had been cut was stuck on my face.

“What have you done?” I asked in a tone of forced calm, whilst pulling the hair off my face.

“Me? I did nothing ….. It was you …. You said….” he stopped laughing so much I couldn’t understand him.

“I said what?” I asked him, my voice raising an octave.

Jack put on a high pitched voice, “I wonder what I would look like with short hair” and before we could stop you, you had cut off half your hair with your blade.

“Jack, tell me now what did you put in our drinks?” I asked, still trying to force calm but my temper beyond boiling now. He cracked, bursting into fits of more hysterics, “nothing” he said slyly but I knew he was lying as he wasn’t doing a good job of stifling his laughter.

Jacks laughter had roused the others from their slumber however I was unaware of this until I had lunged at jack in anger and felt myself being held back by Zahkon.

“Let go of me!” I shouted trying to kick out of his grip but he was to strong.

“Get off me” I shouted, it had just dawned on me what Jack had done and my rage increased, “I want to rip him apart and I’m not talking to you Zahkon!” I screamed.

“Lyra listen to me” Zahkon said calmly, turning me around to face him, I shifted my gaze so I wasn’t looking into his eyes as I was still angry at him.

“Attacking Jack and trying to kill him won’t achieve anything, we all know he can’t die so…” 

“I can have a damn good try at trying to kill him and it will allow me to vent my anger” I said, still struggling against Zahkon’s grip and wincing slightly as my head ached.

“I know your angry Lyra but please try to calm down”

“Calm down? Calm Down! I’m going to string him up by his balls!” I bellowed finally breaking free of Zahkon’s grip, grabbing my blade from the ground my Destran and started on Jack.

“Woah woah woah Lyra, it wasn’t just me, it was Valak’s idea too” he said pointing at Valak who had been laughing silently in the shadows.

“Oh drop me in it why don’t you!” he said getting to his feet, “best laugh I have had in a long time though, how about you Jack?”

“Bloody brilliant, I particularly enjoyed the bit when….” But he stopped midsentence as I had lunged forward and stabbed him in the stomach with my blade. I twisted the blade before withdrawing it allowing the bloody hole to heal before turning to face Valak.

“Lyra! Calm down!” Yara said, coming over and standing in front of me and putting one hand on my shoulder whilst holding a towel around her with the other. “Calm yourself. Relax” she said soothingly and my eyes lost their blackness and settled on a dark blue instead.

“Yara, you know what they did though, they are so immature and their immaturity just makes my blood boil!”

“Yes, I know Lyra but don’t let yourself sink to their level … keep the moral high ground” she said pulling me into a one armed hug.

“Your right, of course you are” I said smiling at her; however the smile soon became a scowl at the sound of Valak laughing.

“What are you laughing at?!” I spat.

“You’re fury, it’s very familiar” he said simply

“And what does that mean?” I asked perplexed,

“You remind me of someone”


He laughed, “It’s funny, because I have killed thousands and thousands of people from all different races and all put up a grand fight before they eventually were overcome by me and I don’t normally remember them. There was one guy however; a Sievere who’s fury seemed to know no bounds, and you look and remind me very much of him. Yes you bear a resemblance to him.”

“Stop talking in riddles, what do you mean?” I asked, my voice quavering as I seemed to piece what he was saying together like a jigsaw. Surely not!

“Tell me Lyra, did either of your parents fight in the Great War?” Valak asked smoothly.

“My father did. But what’s he got to do with anything?

“And tell me, is he still alive?”

“My father was murdered by a Vaan” I said feeling very uncomfortable now, Zahkon placed a hand on my shoulder which despite what he had done I did not shrug off.

“What a small world” Valak said before laughing again.

“What are you talking about?” I asked a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

“You look a lot like your father and have the same personality traits as him …. But he picked the wrong Vaan too cross and I regret I had to kill him!” Valak said silkily before laughing a laugh which made my skin crawl.

“No, it can’t be” I murmured before my vision clouded over and I fainted.

The End

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