As I lead them into the building, I pushed past any Vaan in my way. I pushed the door open a lot harder than expected, and it slammed against the wall. The shopkeeper knew exactly who I was, and he started shivering.

"I don't have any gold General, your men have been taking it from me weekly" his voice was shakey, him standing up to me was either bravery or stupidity.
"These people need supplies" I leaned forward onto his counter "Be generous will you?"

I pushed off the counter and walked back outside "Meet me at the dead tree in the center of town in a few minutes. I have business to attend to first"
I heard somebody ask me something but I ignored them. As I got outside I heard movement.

"Valak, who are these you bring with you?" A Vaan scurried over, he was in rags and he constantly twitched. He was followed by two more Vaan, who looked worse than he did "They are not welcome, they must die!"
"They are off limits, vermin!" I punched the twitching Vaan in the face, knocking him off his feet. His two weakling followers had cleared the scene, leaving their 'leader' on the ground. Then when he finally came to his senses he immediately began crawling away as fast as he could.

I walked into the tavern, and up to the bartender.
"Any news?" I asked him, slipping him a small bag of coins.
"Word of your movements travel fast, and to hear you are moving with the prince now? People dont like it" He replied
"Anything important?"
"Theres a bounty on your head, yet they are scared of you, so they are forming a small army of freelancers"
"Give me a quick guess to how long it would take them to make a move?"
"A couple of days, they may be scared but they all support the idea"
"Thanks for the information, good day to you barkeep"

I walked out, keeping an eye out for any assassins at my back. Paranoia is the least I need whilst out on this quest, but with me terrorising the locals it was only a matter of time before they tried this.

I walked over to the group who were waiting for me at the tree, as I'd ordered.
"Good, your here. Come we must go, where is it that we need to go?"

The End

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