Unworthy Solutions

I burst through the remaining bushes into the clearing, where the screamed had sounded. My heart stopped as I saw Lyra lying on her back on the ground, blood pooling around her head. I rushed to her side and took her from Destran who had just picked her up. As I took her, her head fell backwards without the aid of her muscle to keep it upright. This only increased the blood flow seeping from an unseen wound. I had to get her to water now! Before she bled out and died!

"Get her in some water!" Destran shouted.  I stared into his eyes for no more than a second but I’m certain my feelings were understood. I did not need him to start handing out orders he was not my Prince and I knew what to do.

“Darn, it’s not Loretta its only Lyra …. In which case idiot, you really do need to learn how to aim!” Remarked Valenstar as I turned and rushed towards the water as quickly as I could go without upsetting Lyra’s fragile body.  

I gently lowered her body into the water and followed her in. I needed to make sure she did not flow away as she was so weak. I held her in my arms pleading to the Gods to save her; I promised them my life, and my death, to save her. Eventually she stirred slightly. I looked down to see her beautiful blue eyes staring up at me in wonder and affection. I kissed her forehead and held her to my chest. After a few minutes when I was satisfied that she was fully healed I lifted her from the water and started walking back towards the clearing. Lyra had drifted off soon after regaining consciousness and was still firmly in the grasps of her slumber.

It was horrifying to think that I had caused this pain. I had nearly killed her by my own anger and stupidity, and yet when she woke she assumed it was me who had saved her from some unknown attack. I could not let this deceit lie as it was. She had to know what had happened, but for now she was much too weak. I would tell her once she had regained her strength so that she had the option to leave if she so wished.

I got back to the group and everyone was in a frenzy. They were gathering up all that they could find and running off down the track to catch up with Valenstar. I grabbed my bow and threw it over my shoulder. I looked around for Lyra’s belongings but they were already gone, Yara must have had them.

I set off down the track after the group but soon lost sight as they hurried to catch Valenstar. I walked at a nice steady pace to try not to disturb Lyra, all the while trying to think of how I could tell her, my love, that I had almost killed her in an instant. She would undoubtedly want to leave me and return to the sea, again, but permanently this time, and that would probably be for the best. I had nearly killed her from a long distance in a moment of anger that wasn’t even directed at her. I wasn’t safe to be around, not while I had this magic. Maybe once I got rid of it she could be with me, if she still wanted that of course. But the only way to possibly remove myself of this magic, and still live, was with that Stone that Destran searched for, and he was unlikely to give it up without a fight. A fight that I would win, but then I would have the wrath of Yara to deal with. If I killed her mate she would want revenge on me, and Lyra would hate me for causing Yara this pain.

It seemed the only way to make Lyra happy, was to die.

I was broken from my sombre revere when I bumped into the back of Brena. I had caught up with the group. They were standing around in a group discussing what to do next when Valenstar leapt from the water, a giant snake firmly attached to his arm. He strode towards Brena, mischief sparkling in his eyes.

“Would you mind pulling my snake, Banana?” He asked trying to keep a straight face. To her credit, Brena ignored his intended meaning and grabbed hold of the snake with both hands. “Careful now, it’s firmly attached” He continued making stupid jokes trying to get a reaction, but received none until the snake was free.

“I dunno about you Banana, but that felt pretty good to me” He said winking at her. The rest of the group had lost interest at this stage.

“Come here” Brena said with a mischievous smile spreading across her face. As he leaned closer she released the snake which promptly reattached itself to Valenstar, his face this time. Yara and Destran started laughing as Valenstar stumbled backwards into the water with, I’m nearly certain, a laugh escaping past the snake on his face.

When Yara and Destran calmed down, they noticed I had rejoined the group and the mirth left their faces completely. This was gonna be a long day.

The End

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