An unearthly scream filled the air as suddenly, Lyra fell to the ground, unconscious, silver blood pouring out of a wound in her head. Snapping out of my reverie (I'd been staring at the fire, moping and trying to figure out what to say to Yara when she'd finished her conversation with Lyra, I had figured it out up to "We need to talk") I rushed over to help, picking Lyra's limp form up just as Zahkon reached her position. I handed her to him.

"Get her in some water!" I shouted.  His eyes met mine, I saw remorse there and I stepped back. He knew what to do. My shouting orders didnt help.

“Darn, it’s not Loretta its only Lyra …. In which case idiot, you really do need to learn how to aim!” The snide remark came from Valenstar and I clenched my fists.

"Be sure to tell her that when she wakes up." I muttered, knowing he could hear me. Valenstar chucked his boomerang at me and I ducked. Zahkon chose that moment to approach, sopping wet, from a puddle, still carrying Lyra in his arms. The boomerang hit him in the back and he stumbled a bit, his face a mask of sadness, I doubted he even felt the thing. I frowned, what had caused Zahkon to hurt Lyra? I needed to start paying attention to my questing party. I poured a bucket of water on the fire and started packing.

"Lets get moving and find the stone. The sooner we get out of these marshes the better," I said. "I think its wearing on all our nerves."

I thrust the map at Valenstar. "You know where the stones location is, you lead the way, and dont try to get eaten by Loretta until after we reach that location."

He stuck his tongue out at me childishly, but started walking almost immediately. We all scrambled to pick up what was left of the camp and hurried to catch up. I quickly fell into step close to Yara.

"Go on, admit it." I said, skipping the original plan completely.

"Admit what?" Yara replied coyly.

"I'm an idiot," I said bluntly. "I know you're all thinking it. I havent been paying any attention to all of you, you and I have hardly spoken since we entered this blasted place."

"Its not your fault, the marshes are getting on all of our nerves."

"Its no excuse to just give up and ignored you all. You are part of my quest, its my job to keep you safe, and now we have members of the party attacking each other, and I wasnt paying attention to any of it!"

"Okay, maybe you are a bit of an idiot." Yara replied, teasing slightly now. "You just need to pay more attention--"

"We're here, the stones last known location in the marshes." Valenstar said, sounding like a tour guide. "The water here is known as the most dangerous in the world, with poisonous snakes and other beasts lurking under its depths. See ya!" He dove beneath the water and I sighed. He'd be back.

The End

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